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BuddyBlaster™ Toy Pistol Foam Bullet Shell Ejector

BuddyBlaster™ Toy Pistol Foam Bullet Shell Ejector

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Engineered by Veterans and Gun Enthusiast's

Our product has been made with high quality products and specific details to mimic real life gun models. Everything from the magazine release, slide, and feel, have been made to simulate a real gun in a toy manner.

Throw out your nerf guns!

The BlasterBuddy is hyper-realistic with real ejection action. Simulate real shooting mechanics. After each shot, the shell will eject from the gun and the foam bullet will shoot up to 20 ft.

The Perfect Gift

The BlasterBuddy is the perfect gift for all ages and occasions; whether it be for a birthday or Christmas, adult, teen, or child, it suits all, and is a great gift for teens or children interested in learning to shoot guns.

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