Introducing The BlasterBuddy!

As a gun enthusiast, and a family member of Military Veterans, I have chosen the BEST gun replica to bring into your life! The BlasterBuddy is perfect to teach adults and children the way a gun works and is the perfect toy for fun!

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Throw out your nerf guns!

The BlasterBuddy is hyper-realistic with real ejection action. Simulate real shooting mechanics. After each shot, the shell will eject from the gun and the foam bullet will shoot up to 20 ft.

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The Perfect Gift

The BlasterBuddy is the perfect gift for all ages and occasions; whether it be for a birthday or Christmas, adult, teen, or child, it suits all, and is a great gift for teens or children interested in learning to shoot guns.

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  • Step 1: Preparing the Foam Bullets

    Inserting Foam Bullets into Shells: Take a foam bullet and push it into a shell until it securely fits. Repeat this process for all the foam bullets and shells.

    Inserting Shells into the Magazine: Place the shells, now loaded with foam bullets, into the magazine. Ensure they fit snugly and are properly aligned within the magazine.

  • Step 2: Loading the Pistol

    Inserting the Magazine: Slide or insert the loaded magazine into the designated slot on the pistol until it clicks or locks securely in place.

  • Step 3: Preparing to Shoot

    Racking the Slide: Pull back or rack the slide on the pistol. This action loads the first shell into the firing chamber, preparing the gun for the initial shot.

    Aiming and Firing: Aim the gun in a safe direction and press the trigger to shoot the foam bullet.

    Rack the Slide Again: After firing, rack the slide again to eject the spent shell and load the next shell into the firing chamber.

    Repeat the Shooting Process: Aim and fire as desired, repeating the steps for each shot.

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